Freitag, 11. April 2014

Dream, Trust, Create, Inspire!

Servus, dear followers old and especially those anew! So glad that you stop by my little creative spot!

The April tag over at Tim Holtz' "12 tags of 2014" really is my absolute favourite so far. I really LOVE that trellis die! And - as some of you might already know and have noticed - I am not very much into flowers (too lovely, too fiddly, too bulky, too whatsoever)...but the flowers Tim creates using the pinecone die are just THE perfect paper flowers for me! Finally I found "my" paper flowers...who would have thought ;)

The play with the trellis die and using it with various surfaces for the tiles and the frames finally led to a series of 4 tags that are connected to each other as all the elements/materials/techniques used on them appear in a variation on the other tags.

I admit my first attempts on making the roses failed as I tore the die cut while trying to wrap it around the tooth pick (there are three spots where the single "leaves" are connected by a rather narrow  piece and obviously I treated them like rated break points ;)...but after some tries I had learned where to pay attention and be careful,  I finally succeeded and even managed to create three more. Phew! ;)

I used Kraft Glasseine for one tag, which I stapled over a stamped tag and treated with alcohol inks afterwards. For  one tag I used brown kraft cardboard, for another a sheet from a Tim Holtz paper stash and for the fourth tag I used Kraft Core, which I sanded down a bit after I had die cut the tag (using the Sizzix "Tag and Book Plates" die).

I even used some scrap from cutting the trellis frames for borders and additional embellishing. I cut the trellis tiles and frames from card which I glued some sticky foil onto and ran some of the tiles throught my Sizzix using an embossing folder. Then I rubbed in some black acrylic paint and wiped off the excess using some soft cloth. The made the embossed texture pop even more! I also dry embossed some of the card tiles for more texture.

Some of the tiles that had the sticky foil on them were given a treatment with alcohol inks - as was the frame (which you can see in the image above)!

I did a lot of stapling, distressing, tearing and puzzling with the various tiles and frames and enjoyed this a lot!  I also varied the ribbons I used with the tops of my tags and tried to find the perfect matches for each tag.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all my variations and tries with all the various surfaces, textures and colours! My personal favourite is the tag with the Kraft Glasseine background...but I love looking at all four lying side by side... seeing the elements that connect them but create totally different effects on each tag - depending on what they are combined with.

Thank you for stopping by! Hugs and happy crafting!
Claudia x

Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Fractured Dolls Panels - a DecoArt Tutorial

Servus to all my true and new readers out there!
I finally managed to finish two panels that had been lying on my table for almost two months as I simply got stuck in the middle of the process...not knowing with what I would like to finish them.

But I have learned to be patient with things like these and today - when searching for something in my embellishments box the right things just lay there....waiting for me to put them on the prepared paint board panels! :)

And this is how they look like:

The two casts of fractured dolls were given to me by lovely Brigitte from "La maison de coutureuse" (as were the two bottlecaps with the wonderful French text on them). Thank you so much, Brigitte! Bisous!

Of course you can finish your fleur de lis boards with any objects you have in your stash, but I included the treatment with which I finshed the dolls off too.

To create the panels you will need:

- DecoArt Americana "Fleur de Lis" stencils
- DecoArt Americana acrylic colours "True Red" and "Bahama Blue"
- DecoArt "Dimensional Effects" paintable texture paste
- two paint boards
- Vaseline and a piece of cloth
- a soft brush

For giving the dolls and metal parts their colour and crackle finish you will need:

- DecoArt Traditions acrylic colours "Medium White", "Opaque White", "Burnt Umber", "Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide" and "Quinacridone Gold"
- DecoArt Traditions Glazing Medium
- DecoArt Decou Page matte
- DecoArt One Step Crackle
- water, brushes, a soft towel or piece of cloth
- two hinge clips and some metal corners
- casts of fractured dolls and bottle caps

The panels:

Step 1 

Using a palette knife apply DecoArt Dimensional Effects through two of the Americana "Fleur de lis" stencils and try to create a lot of texture by lifting off the palette knife several times when applying the paste. Let dry.

Step 2

Paint them with DecoArt Americana "True Red" and let dry. 

Step 3

Apply Vaseline in various places using your fingertip. This will act as a resist for the next coat of colour we will put on.

Step 4

Quickly paint over it with DecoArt Americana "Bahama Blue". Try to apply the colour generously and lightly, not going over a spot more than one time. 

Step 5

Once the colour is dry take a soft cloth and gently wipe off the colour with the areas you had covered with Vaseline. This will reveal the red underneath and give the panels the timeworn look of peeled paint.

(Sorry for the change of colour with the images...seems the light changed during the process). 

Your panels are finished. Next I will show you how I altered the fractured dolls casts. 


Step 1 

Seal the surface of the casts with a coat of DecoArt Traditions "Medium White". Let dry.

Step 2

Give them a wash of heavily diluted DecoArt Traditions "Burnt Umber".

Step 3

While you set the dolls aside to dry stipple some DecoArt Traditions "Burnt Umber" onto your metal embellishments and the clips using a bristle brush. 

Step 4

While these have to dry too seal your paper collaged bottle caps with a coat of DecoArt Decou Page.

Step 5

Make a mix of DecoArt Glazing Medium and Traditions "Opaque White" and water it down to achieve a medium wash. Apply it to your dolls after you have tried it on some piece of paper first to see if it is as translucent as you want it to be. 

Step 6 

Stipple some "Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide" and "Quinacridone Gold" onto your dry metal embellishments to create a rusty look. 

Step 7

Apply a thin coat of DecoArt One Step Crackle to your dry dolls and the bottle caps. Let dry. 

Step 8

Once these are dry rub in some DecoArt Traditions "Burnt Umber" and wipe back the excess with a damp cloth. 

Step 9

Arrange all the pieces on your boards until you are content and then glue themto your panels using DecoArt Decou Page matte. 

Yay! You're done!


Hope you liked the tutorial and the panels! Hugs and happy crafting, 

Claudia xx

As usual I have some close-ups for you:


Freitag, 4. April 2014

Craft Stamper's April Take It - Make It Challenge

Servus and welcome back to the new Take It - Make It challenge over at Craft Stamper!

This month we want to see

 at the center of your makes. 

This was the perfect excuse for me to buy the lovely Crafty Individuals stamp set with the poison bottles to use it on this tag:

To achieve more depth I layered and stacked the stamped and cut out bottles with sticky foam pads.

The "Danger" sign was stamped with DI "barn door" and given two coats of clear UTEE. Then I mounted it to my tag together with a cut to size piece of burlap paper.

The background was done from a colour copy of some old chemists notes I found at the flea market. I blended it with some DI pumice stone and sprinkled some water droplets on it. I also sprinkled it with some drops of watered down Distress ink "gathered twigs" (using a fine detail brush) and stamped some faux mug prints in several spots.

I repeated the red colour with the ribbon and one of the bottles' labels to make all my elements "bond" with the design and added a simple card enforcement ring to place emphasis on the worn and aged paper look of my tag.

Hope to see you join in Craft Stamper's Take It - Make It challenge soon! There's a prize to be won too! ;)

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia xx
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