Thursday, 18 December 2014

Flowery Meadow Canvas - a DecoArt Mixed Media Project

Servus and hi!

So great to see you stop by my little crafty corner! Today I would like to invite you over to the DecoArt Mixed Media blog so you can find my latest tutorial on how to paint a flowery meadow canvas like this:

Some of you might have already seen the first flowery meadow canvas I have done and posted about over HERE. And as I had such a lovely time doing it, I thought I'd share some of it with you and do a tutorial for you. Thank you by the way for all the wonderful comments on this project - as this canvas is very special to me (and hopefully one of a series of more to come) your appreciation is too. xxx

To get to the full post with a detailed materials list and stepxstep just click the above image or click HERE

Hugs and happy crafting,

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Short invitation

Servus and hello!

Today I would like to invite you over to my other art blog "Von Pappe", where I share my more painterly stuff.

This image shows just a part of the whole canvas (as I have done a rather wide format this time). So if you are ready to meet Bertram, the grasshopper, Pubert, the depressed mosquito and some other meadow folk, just follow the link by clicking HERE.

I would love to see you over there!

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia xxx
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